Docker versus Snap Install on AWS ECS Ubuntu virtual server


I followed the guide and managed to get my self hosted server up and running without too much difficulty. As a note for others letsencrypt blacklist AWS Elastic IPs/DNS so this part of the guide fails when you try a get a SSL cert. Once I registered my own domain using a third party service it worked fine.

However immediately after install I get a notification that my Mongo DB and RC both need updating.

Are there any specific advantages to the Docker install over snap ? If so what is the best upgrade strategy. For a newbie it seems on the face of it that snap is even easier to install and maintain. I’m interested in why you would choose Docker over snap on a Ubuntu AWS EC2 instance.

Finally the server seems to crash at least once a day. If I reboot the instance it fixes the issue. I’m not sure how to remedy this. I noticed that on another Ubuntu install guide it included steps to automatically restart the service as well as recommendations to secure the server with fail2ban and UFW. Are these steps not required with an AWS install?

Many thanks in advance for any help


Server Setup Information

Rocket.Chat Version: 4.6.3
NodeJS Version: 14.18.3 - x64
MongoDB Version: 4.0.28
MongoDB Engine: mmapv1
Platform: linux
Process Port: 3000

Any additional Information