Using Snap to run 1 instance on AlmaLinux, works great

I used to (with my limited Linux skills) manually install, worked fine for a version upgrade or 2, until some of the dependencies came off, became a hassle every time something not in sync.

I then looked into Snap. Wow, with auto update, auto backup, auto setup (almost), its been stable and worked fine for months. I chose Snap over Docker as the latter seemed a few more steps needed to maintain. I love rocketchat with Snap. I had almost given up with the constant upgrade issues and dependencies errors.

I have noticed in a few forum posts, in some replies that docker is preferred for scalability? Can I ask why and what is it that Snap cannot do that Docker can do? I think you can convert from Snap instance to Docker but I dont want to do that if its not needed. I cant really test performance as only got a handful of users on the instance :).

If you have any experience re Snap/Docker as above in terms of scalability, please do share your thoughts.