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Recommended on-Premise installation method?

Hi. I’m wondering which installation method is the “recommended method” when it comes to later updates? I’ve installed a RC on Debian by following this guide, but it seems like updating is quite complex.
Then I stumbled upon this Snap article, which seems much easier. Would you recommend to start over, this time with a Snap installation?


I personally prefer docker :slight_smile:

It just seems a bit complex to me, having to deal with both Docker and the RC installation :confused:. I have no problem in spinning up a VM just for RC, but e.g. the update process for manual installation, seems very complex and risky in terms of database upgrades etc.

it’s really not complicated.

Also, upgrading a docker deploy is really just changing versions and issuing a couple of commands.

I do not recommend manual installation (from source

We are writing a blog post regarding deployment method and should post it soon.