Using services in a high-school setting


My name is Justice, and I’m the captain of a high-school robotics team near the Seattle area. We recently moved away from using Slack as a team because of its lack of message auditing and transparency controls, and have been searching for a new central communication solution ever since. caught our eye because of its comprehensive roles, logging, and Slack import feature. But after talking it over and sending our proposal for review by our district supervisors, we were pretty solidly turned down because of the requirement for all users to be of age sixteen or older.

We were wondering if you all would consider lowering this age cutoff to either thirteen or fourteen. High school typically encompasses ages 13/14 to 18, and our district technology department is unwilling to acquiesce on the age minimum. We’re also not in a situation where we can get this age requirement waived by families. For some comparison, Google accounts, Discord (a chat / communication service similar to, and Zulip (another communication service very similar to all have a minimum age of thirteen.

We’d really love to use It meets and exceeds all of our personal requirements, works better than everything else we’ve tested, and the Slack import feature is a cherry on top. But the age limitation conflicts with what our district can allow and is pretty much a hard blocker, for us and any other high-school clubs or organizations. If lowering this isn’t possible, do you have any suggestions as to what we could do or where we could look at next?

Thank you,

– Justice

Are you looking to purchase or self host? Does the age apply if you self host? Where is this age limit shown?

Hey @bbrendon,

We’re looking to purchase. The age limit comes up in the legal age section of’s Terms of Service for hosting. It doesn’t apply (as I understand it) if we self host, but that’s actually a more difficult path for us right now because our district has somewhat opaque stipulations about who’s allowed to own the server, that’s not a problem with the SaaS version.

Hi @j-james

thanks for pointing that out.

I have removed that section about the age limit being applicable for all users, and set the age limit to only the natural person signing up for our services (the admin). We want to make sure the admin has legal capacity to enter into a contract with us. (If an organization, such as an LLC, is signing up, it is should have legal capacity on its own).
I have added a clause that warrants that the one signing up is responsible for adhering to applicable laws regarding age requirements, if there are any. That would also depend a lot on the context, for a robotics team, I dont think there are any.

You can find the new terms here: Terms of Service - Rocket.Chat Docs

Hope that removes the roadblocks you have for choosing Rocket.Chat. If you still encounter any, feel free to reach out to me.