Usernames show instead of Displaynames

Usernames show in sidebar and in conversations instead of Display names.
ive tried to reset every section in administration on server that i thought might have the setting.
what im a missing?


not sure what changed? server updated? or another admin changing things…

anyone else see this too?

Channel list isnt showing full name either. Should be something like “full name” in settings

Yes. Layout - User Interface - Use Real Name
i have that set to true. and at first i thought this fixed it. but some users in sidebar will still show as usernames.
now i get mixed results.


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I also noticed conflicting settings whether im in the Desktop app (left) (false) or I log into the server via web (right)(true)
They server show it as true but in the app it shows false.
I can switch it to true in the app but nothing changes. when i leave and go back to administration in the app it will show that its set to false again.

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Can you confirm that those users have set a name? If so have one of them try updating it and see if that reflects?

Yes. Both users have a full name.

If I start a DM with a user… It will show full name in my app but shows up in theirs as the username

IF I delete the room.

And they DM me. theirs shows the full name and mine will show the username.

So I guess who ever initiates the DM will have it listed with the full name. the receiver side will show as a username.

This sounds like a bug. Might be worth opening an issue on our github

I believe there is:

Well we decided to implement a little patience. after getting everyone on 2.14 and im sure a server update or two has occurred… the usernames are back to normal!

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