Roadmap Reveal 🗺 What's next for Rocket.Chat, Sep 22

Update the permission model

Having recently explored Rocket.Chat for a non-profit convention, we found ourselves feeling the permission model for channels could be improved. In many ways there is nothing wrong with what is there, but having used Discord for staff members, made us wish we had the same level of configuration that Discord provides.

At a high level:

  • Permissions configurable at a site level
  • Permissions configurable at a channel level, over-riding site level permissions
  • Permissions configurable at a role level, over-riding both site and channel level permissions

Maybe this is already possible with RC, but we did not find that capability. Any thoughts?

Hi @ajmas

what do you mean by site level in the context of Rocket.Chat? could you elaborate.

With Rocket.Chat you have already channel-level permissions and global role permissions, the latter overriding channel-level permissions.