Permissions to see all channels and users


Which permissions are required to see all channels (including private) and users inside the directory?

I’m trying to create a custom moderator, but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m missing. Admin has the access, but I’d like this custom moderator to have as little as required.




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I think you are looking for view-other-user-channels permission.

Hey @dudanogueira,

Thanks. I’ll try that later this morning.


@dudanogueira ,

Sorry for the delay. I tried the permissions change this AM. It didn’t work, no change.

Any other suggestions?




not being able to see private chat rooms even as an admin (with every permission enabled, not a member of the room ofc) is completely normal in my experience. Then again i must say that I’m using older 3.x RC server versions.

Ok, forgot to mention.

This will probably work for the REST APIs. Check this script I did to deactivate and prune all user messages, for reference:

def get_user(username):
    url_get_user = ROCKETCHAT_HOST + \
        '/api/v1/{"userRooms": 1}&username=' + username
    return requests.get(url_get_user, headers=headers)

However, you should be able to edit private channels. Just did a test:

From Agent view: