Update on Registration Requirement to Utilize Push Gateway

@aaron.ogle I’ve now looked into firebase cloud messaging, FCM, and I cannot see why the existing mobile apps cannot register for message notification from multiple servers without needing your AWS gateway. There is also no need to expose the secret key from your own FCM account.

My understanding is that each RC web host can open a FCM account (which is free) and create their own RocketChat project, so that they obtain a SENDER_ID and API_KEY for their server/domain. Both keys can be provided to the RocketChat server application at runtime via environment variables.

Then the Android/ios apps can connect to multiple servers by requesting a SENDER_ID, when they login (possibly via a secure websocket), fetch the corresponding FCM registration token and share it with the server.
A node.js server can multicast messages to a maximum of 500 token IDs per send invocation.

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What if someone buys a 10k push and exceeds this number in a month?

Push will be automatically turned off or will you charge additional fees in some way?

Can I buy 5 packs of 10k push?
I learned from another source that it will not be possible and the only option is to buy the enterprise version.

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No response? @gabriel.engel

Can anyone explain why adding a handshake to the RC server and mobile apps for exchanging the sender_id and client token isn’t feasible?

Where can I find it?

There is a problem with server registration.

Anybody can help with it?