Raise push notification limit?

I understand Rocket.chat put a limit on push notifications at 10,000 back in 2020. It’s 2024 now, would this limit be reviewed anytime soon? I’m on a self-managed server with just 29 active people and we’re already hitting the monthly limit :skull:

At this point the server admins are thinking of moving to another platform, but we don’t want to lose the conversations we’ve had.


I’m afraid that it isn’t like inflation :slight_smile:

I don’t see the limit being reconsidered any time soon.

You can of course use your own push server?

:rofl: Adoption of technologies are constantly going up though.

Also, for the server admins to have their own push server, this requires them to compile a new mobile application and publish in the respective App stores, correct?

The costs for hosting a notification server go up as well . It is not a zero cost exercise :slight_smile:

Remember the difference between open source and ‘free’.

Rocket is open source. That doesn’t make everything ‘free’.

If they did everything for free, how would they make any money to develop code? It has to be paid for somehow.

And no, donations nowhere near cover it :slight_smile:

I believe you need to compile it - doesn’t need to go in an app store though.


I fully understand! Was just thinking on the part if a minor increase would be possible at this point in time. But y’all definitely have lots of instances to support than just ours when it comes to push notifications…

Thanks for the link, I’ll get them to review it and see if they can compile it. Fingers crossed!

You can’t please all of the people all of the time… :rofl:

Thanks for being understanding. Most just swear and stomp off :slight_smile:

Maybe in time there might be a shift in policy, but it isn’t going to be any time soon.

If you need help building stuff please ask.