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Update on clean install - issue with importing avatars

I thought I would give an update on a clean install, removed everything, mongod, nodejs, etc and started as if I was new to Rocket.Chat. I had to redo; however, because I installed Mongodb 5. Are their plans to support Mongo 5 with wireTiger? Rocket.Chat is working well now and I have file system working as well; with directories set up for custom emojis, sounds, and file uploads. I did notice when I deleted a post with an image that it remained in the file system. I was also able to upload an image to use for the avatar. What isn’t working is when I use oauth2 to connect from an existing social site to Rocket.Chat is that it is not importing the avatar from the social site. I think what changed from an earlier install where avatars were imported is the oauth2 in Rocket.Chat. I set up a custom oauth2 in Rocket.Chat and it does create the account for the user but avatars are not imported from the social site. My question there is where in Rocket.Chat can I look to see what Rocket.Chat is looking for in the payload for the avatar? While members can upload an avatar once the account is created in Rocket.Chat it would be nice if they were imported from the social site.