Error displaying images in chat

Hello support!
I’m using the version of RocketChat:
Rocket.Chat Version: 3.16.1
NodeJS Version: 12.22.1 - x64
MongoDB Version: 4.0.18
MongoDB Engine: mmapv1
Platform: linux

I am currently facing the following situation:
There are a lot of users I’ve created that have lost their profile picture, which makes it annoying for me to look at anyone’s profile picture to chat with them. I don’t know when a user changes their profile picture, in which path will it be saved in the server? Why do they fail like this.
Please help me! Thank you very much.


do you see any outstanding logs?

It’s strange that some images are showing and some are not.

Also, this version is very old. Consider upgrading your workpace :slight_smile:

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Previously, I deleted the log file to free up space for the system. I see the display of this avatar in each user is different.
Will this situation improve when upgrading? I was quite nervous when I upgraded and ran into problems.

How can I upgrade my Rocketchat. Please give me instructions.
Thank you!


For upgrade, you will need to:

  • Dump your data
  • Spin up a docker with the same version you are running
  • Restore your data
  • Start the migration, not skipping majors (3.X → 4.X → 5.X)
  • test. test. test.
  • Migrate in production.

Considering your mongo is using the MMAPV1 Engine, you will need to spin up a mongo with the wiredtiger already, as MMAPV1 was discontinued.

You can use the oficial docker compose (Rapid Deployment Methods - Rocket.Chat Docs) and just change the version from latest to the same version you are running.

Luckily, we will start hosting a help line so we can provide technical help for this kind of situation:

Ps: Date or time may change

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