Unable to login with mobile app (Android)

We got our Rocket.Chat server up and running and everyone but one person is able to use the android app. They have created a profile and it’s been approved but when they press the sign in button, nothing happens.

They’re using the latest version from the play store; on an LG Stylo 5. Android 9, security patch 1 March 2020, Kernel version 4.9.112

Server is running 2.4.9. Linux 4.15.0-76-generic

Fixed it. If anyone has this problem in future, go to Settings > General > Apps & notifications > App info > Rocket chat > storage> “clear cache” and/or “clear data”

Arr nope, this does not work

Sadly this does not work for me either :frowning:

Another user had the same problem and the app started working when running it in a sandbox.

Another user said their solution was to clear app data, un-approve and re-approve permissions, then reset the phone.