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Rocket.Chat 4.0 - Android Mobile App (


I am facing an issue after upgrading my server to 4.0

All web and Desktop apps work great with custom OAuth but the android app seems to be facing an issue when authenticating…

After successful OAuth identification, the app stays stick on a white page showing:

“Login Completed. Click Here to close this window”…

Whatever I am trying, I can’t finish the login to my server and I stay stuck there…

Can anyone confirm?


Note: this was working fine with latest version of branch 3…

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Good day, @MaxWaldorf !

I’ve been trying to reproduce your issue on my end to isolate the issue, but I’m having no success.

Could you answer a couple of questions, please?

  • What is the mobile device you are using?
  • What is the App build you are using? (you may check that on your settings sidebar)
  • Could you make a simple recording of that happening?
  • Does it happen even when cleaning the cache and reinstalling the app?

I was able to reproduce the issue consistently. We are working on isolating the cause!
Thank you for reporting it.

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In case it matters, this is also happening on/with the iOS app.

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Indeed it is!
We were able to isolate where the problem happens. We are talking with the cloud team to start working on a fix.

Thanks, people!