Unable to downgrade rocketchat cloud plan (for push notifications via self-hosted server) back to free version after accidentally activating the free 30 day enterprise trial on setup

I found the article covering the topic but it seems to be outdated.

There is no button the downgrade.

I was originally trying to setup push notifications some weeks ago and since they weren’t immediately coming through I thought it might be something to do with the option on the plan. I ended up activating the free trial and it turns out it had nothing to do with that and the reason the notifications weren’t showing is just because I didn’t see them - waited to test with mobile user and they were working.

But now it has been over a month since the 30 day trial and so it expired. I only just logged in to the cloud dashboard and saw it is still saying it is set to enterprise with no way to switch it back and saying $50 per year bill. I assumed with the expiration of the trial it would go back to the free plan by default.

I trust you will not try billing for that as I had no intention of it carrying over and there is no option to switch it off in the dashboard.

I would just like it to go back to the free option now, since I only activated the enterprise plan by accident in the first place anyway but I am given no way to switch it back that I can see in the dashboard, since the original article on downgrading seems to be obsolete.