Is this legit - spamming users because the owners don't pay for enterprise?

I received this email:

I’m particularly focused on this part:
As of the end of June 2022, all Rocket.Chat users (belonging to a workspace that’s hit their monthly push notification limit) will receive a daily notification including a count of notifications missed that day due to hitting their monthly limit. This will continue until the turn of the month and subsequent new 10,000 monthly limit.

How can I prevent this without paying? I’d happily have zero notifications, all my users only need to see messages while they’re at their workstation. We don’t need notifications.

Please don’t spam my users.

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Hi! Sorry for the late response here.

The reasoning for this feature was that a lot of end users were complaining that notifications stopped working, not knowing about this push quota limitation in community workspaces.

We are coming from a good place here, and are very sorry that you understood that as spamming.

One thing you can to do is to check the free quota limit in our cloud, and turn off the Push feature after hitting that quota, at ADMIN > PUSH > Enable

Please, feel free to reach me anytime at Rocket.Chat

Thanks for using Rocket.Chat :slight_smile:

Seems like it would make more sense to send notifications to the admins daily, not the users. The users can’t do anything to fix it, they aren’t the ones that pay for it. So in reality, it is spam, and is wasting their bandwidth and causing them to be charged for something they have no control over.