ToDo List Application


Creating this as it would be a great Rocket.Chat App idea since it is a heavily desired feature.

We could even create this as a tutorial App in a video to show how to make a more “complex” Rocket.Chat App.



This is interesting @bradley.hilton . I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while , but can Rocket.Chat Apps add stuff to the UI yet (or will they ever)? Or is this meant to be just a commandline-like interface?

I may give this a shot on the weekend if there are any docs.


Yes, Rocket.Chat Apps will be able to add items to the UI. However, right now that isn’t enabled and is coming in the future. So, at the moment it is command line, listeners, and i18n.

Currently there is no documentation on how to get started or creating a Rocket.Chat App, but there is a “development environment” that currently has some Rocket.Chat Apps in there:


Any further info to share about RocketApps?


Not currently, but it’s on my plan for this week to start releasing information in great detail. :slight_smile:


I would like to join the community and build value added apps for Rocket.
Please can you send me your demo (or hello world) apps to start.
The link just above seems to be broken.
Thanks a lot


Hi @edouard !

I just built this Dropbox Paper integration:

It’s very simple. Hope it helps you!


Thanks @matheus.cardoso, I can see the logic and how to set bot reply.
I am ready to develop too! But is there any db related documentation so that it is able to store the Todo list…


Yes, each App gets their own Persistence storage layer.