apps engine limitations

I have been toying with the apps engine and am struck by a number of limitations, most notably that the exposed Apps Engine “API” is much different (smaller) than, say, the API exposed via the Rocket.Chat REST API.

For example, I was thinking to add a /react :emoji: slash-command that would add (or remove via /react remove :emoji:) a reaction to the most recent message. I was struck by the fact that Apps apparently can’t create reactions, though they can create messages. Moreover, I can’t even search a channel’s messages, not even the most recent.

Also, when looking at the code on the “server” side of the Apps Engine, it wouldn’t be hard to add some additional functionality there specifically for reactions. But before I even entertain that thought, a few questions come to mind:

  • what’s the real target for the Apps Engine?
  • is it really being maintained / extended?
  • would PRs for additional functionality that I’m thinking about even be considered or accepted?

Looking for guidance from the Apps Engine devs.


I’m not one of the app engine devs. But I can say we have big plans for app engine. It’s definitely not in maintenance mode or anything. It’s very much an important part of our future.

The types of things you describe make total sense as app functionality. I think the current focus is on the permissions system and a few other things for apps engine.

From my perspective any need someone has to customize Rocket.Chat or extend it… should be possible via an app

Hey, yeah same thought about the Rocket.Chat.

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