Desktop notifications

I have problem with notifications, sometimes they work sometimes not, although I set the

Accounts > Default User Preferences > Notification Duration

time for 30 sec it doesn’t work, notification (if apperas) lasts only 10 sec.
Anyone knows how to fix it?

Are your preferences set to 30 seconds also?

sure, I set 30 sec in preferences but I it does not work, it lasts 10 sec like I mentioned earlier.

This could be a bug we may not be honoring this some how.

If you goto the channels notifications can you try setting the time there directly and see if that makes a difference

Although I can set time on the client or on the server as default it doesn’t work, I have tried both possibilities.

sounds like might need to open a bug for this one. Could be some reason the time just isn’t honored

so I will wait for new server build and I hope that notifications will be fixed,
one more thing, I noticed that sometimes (not always) even I read the message the icon in the taskbar is still red and in the client window is information “unread message”, maybe this is a small bug but when I quit the Rocket.Chat and run again it disappears.
anyway, thanks for help

One more thing. Are you using desktop client or web browser?

If desktop client can you check web browser? I suspect that might be a factor here

I use desktop client but I also have checked by the web browser and it is the same.
When I used the IE and wanted to check notifications whole web browser window was reloaded and nothing happend, when I used Chrome notifications appeared and it was also 10 sec like in desktop client.

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I assume the Notification settings in Chrome overwrite the notification duration set in the configuration. Take a look at my feature proposal if you look for a way to keep the notifications open for a longer (indefinite) duration. That might do the trick for what I assume you’d like.

Hi there,

We are using the Rocket Chat Web Based vertsion, Windows 10, Google Chrome, everythign fully up to date.

We can see icon notifications for unread mss only in the chrome window, however we are not receiving “Notification Bubbles” at Wondows Notification area

All settings are active to let notification come.

Any assisttance