Suppress Update Message



in our environment we supply Rocket.Chat via OPSI CMS. Therefore we are interested in some switches, to make installation and usability for the users smoother.

For example we look for a switch to suppress update messages. Users are not allowed to update the app, but will be asked anyways.
We tried to be up to date with our CMS, but some versions of Rocket.Chat are not downloadable but updateable out of the app itself.

Any ideas?

Have a nice day…


We are doing some experiments with an additional configuration file for admins to suppress updates. Since major issues in setup and auto updates have been fixed in the last weeks, this features will be officially released soon.


Great and thanks…


So is to help solve the issue that users are installing a second instance on their pc in Appdata folder vs updating the system installed app?
this is causing us havoc lately. is there a version number in which i can keep an eye out for?


Not really for the same purpose; e.g., some system administration policies are strict about versions of installed softwares.
About the “second instance” problem: Multiple copies of Rocket chat running


Ah ok. Thanks for the info.