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Subscribed, but no messages are being streamed

I just want to ask if someone here had a similiar issue that we are having here…

The problem is through the websocket, we have successfully subscribed to a channel (responded with ready), but when sending a message through the channel, no messages are being broadcasted. Other websocket APIs seem to be working (for example, loadHistory works and display the messages that didn’t get broadcasted).

The bigger problem is that it used to work correctly before, and the problem only happened recently to a server that I don’t have access to (that’s why I didn’t give the server information). When I switch the server to the local one that I have built, the same exact code starts working correctly, and ‘stream-room-messages’ appear correctly when I send a message.

I’m highly suspecting our server set-ups, but before we start pointing our fingers towards our server guys, I wanted to make sure if there was not a known bug or issue related to websocket messages not streaming correctly. A quick Google search returned nothing, that’s why I’m asking here.

I’ll post the related server information when I can, right now I just want to know if anyone has had similar issues…

Update: rebooting the server just made it work. I want to check the logs, unfortunately I don’t have access. Is this possibly a known issue from previous versions? I’m pretty sure the version we use is heavily outdated.

Hi! Unfortunately without version, deployment method and some other information is very difficult to help you out.

Glad it worked out after a reboot.