Stability of updates

I would like to share with the community and mainly with the development team the concern that is being had with the future development of

There are many of us who are betting on this platform, it is an excellent project without a doubt, we have even promoted its use in other companies and entities.

Specifically, the latest updates of the stable branch have not been good, there are multiple errors that have been generated, some of them were resolved in previous versions and recently they have reappeared.

It would be prudent, it is a consideration on the part of our network and systems team, that the developers and the community in general that continuously contributes to the development of this product put a greater emphasis on the solution of errors before generating new functionalities.

Honestly, we think a lot about whether or not we really should update for each new version that comes out. We are aware that the update will resolve a known bug, but it creates insecurity for us as we don’t know what new bug it will cause.

Please take this as constructive criticism, we want the best for your team.

Hi @alejandrod thanks for the feedback here! Really appreciate it.
We’ve been working on stabilization and hope you find version 4.8.0 (to be released soon) as a step in the right direction.


I agree with your concerns in terms of quality, in addition I find documentation and support quite thin, making it difficult to choose the best implementation, and when it trouble, get issues fixed.
It’s a pity, as RC is a great platform

I can only support the plead of @alejandrod, but I know for a fact that they are working on code quality and are fully aware, that this is a main concern for them at the current state of the product.

Regarding the documentation being ‘quite thin’, I for one think it is okay, but I have only mostly worked with the APIs of RC, so I can only vouch for this section of the documentation.