RocketChat expiring support for three month old versions?

Frankly speaking in 30 years running systems and services on the Internet (since 1994) I’ve never come across of such a support policy. Is RocketChat attempting to alienate its community on purpose? I mean no product manager in their right mind would even dream of dropping support for a three month old product.

FYI - I’m referring to this: Support Prerequisites and Version Durability - Rocket.Chat Docs

Having exerted significant time and $$$ in December having to update a community version of RC I am now forced to do it again? And then again every month moving forward it seems?

I strongly urge RC management to reconsider its policies. You’ve already managed to alienate a significant portion of your userbase over the past few years and the path you’re currently following will only lead to your product being abandoned in mass while other competitors swoop in with better and more customer friendly solutions.