Site url change - 502 bad gateway



I have a question. I changed the site url in the administrative panel and after the reboot the rocket chat stopped working. I would like to restore the old settings. In which file can I find the rules for this setting?


Hi @maciejko1

you can only find it in MongoDB, there is no file. Either you restore a backup of your MongoDB or your use mongo-shell or a GUI alternative to edit the according value in the settings collection.



You can also set the environment variable: OVERWRITE_SETTING_Site_Url=correct site url



Ah! Wasn’t aware of this mechanism which seems to be generic, right? Yet you would still somehow find out the name of the setting you want to change…



Can be applied to any setting. :slightly_smiling_face:

We have an issue open to document it. The problem is exactly as you say. Its hard to find that internal setting name.

Right now I personally have to go in with the browser and right click inspect on the field in settings. Then look at the input’s name to get the setting name.