Environment Variable Setting Id's



I want to launch rocket chat completely preconfigured using environment variables.
This is possible according to this documentation page, but this requires me to know the “setting id’s”.

Is there a known list of setting names (maybe query mongodb to get them?), or a way to easily deduce them?
For example: The Cas SSO base url setting could correspond to id CAS_SSO_Base_Url or just SSO_Base_Url?


Set config variable (noob)

As it turns out, mongodb is a good source to retrieve the id’s.
The command db.rocketchat_settings.find().toArray() | mongo rocketchat returns the full list of settings (with their values).
The id’s can then be easily deduced.


You got it!

Another thing I find my self doing is also using the browser inspect. Going to admin and the setting I want to pre-configure. Right click and inspect the input. The name property is the setting name/id.