OVERWRITE_SETTING_Site_Url is not working anymore


After upgrading from 4.x to 5.1.x I noticed that setting the environment variable OVERWRITE_SETTING_Site_Url has not effect anymore:

$ docker logs --tail 10 --follow rocketchat-server

strict mode: use allowUnionTypes to allow union type keyword at "#/properties/value" (strictTypes)
LocalStore: store created at 
LocalStore: store created at 
LocalStore: store created at 
MessageType.render is deprecated. Use MessageType.message instead. livechat_webrtc_video_call
{"level":40,"time":"2022-11-02T12:00:34.950Z","pid":1,"hostname":"1faf65f51b25","name":"VoIPService","msg":"Voip is not enabled. Cant start the service"}
{"level":40,"time":"2022-11-02T12:00:41.643Z","pid":1,"hostname":"1faf65f51b25","name":"VoIPService","msg":"VoIP service already stopped"}
{"level":51,"time":"2022-11-02T12:00:42.384Z","pid":1,"hostname":"1faf65f51b25","name":"Migrations","msg":"Not migrating, already at version 281"}
ufs: temp directory created at "/tmp/ufs"
[DatabaseWatcher] Using change streams
Users with admin role already exist; Ignoring environment variables ADMIN_PASS
{"level":40,"time":"2022-11-02T12:00:43.885Z","pid":1,"hostname":"1faf65f51b25","name":"StreamBroadcast","msg":"You are operating multiple instances... some features will not behave as designed."}
|                      SERVER RUNNING                      |
|                                                          |
|  Rocket.Chat Version: 5.1.4                              |
|       NodeJS Version: 14.19.3 - x64                      |
|      MongoDB Version: 5.0.9                              |
|       MongoDB Engine: wiredTiger                         |
|             Platform: linux                              |
|         Process Port: 1990                               |
|             Site URL: https://staging.zzz.com/chat  |
|     ReplicaSet OpLog: Enabled                            |
|          Commit Hash: 4173a2109f                         |
|        Commit Branch: HEAD                               |
|                                                          |

Variables set:

$ docker exec -ti  rocketchat-server bash
rocketchat@1faf65f51b25:/app/bundle$ export | grep -i site
declare -x OVERWRITE_SETTING_Site_Name="uat.zzz.com"
declare -x OVERWRITE_SETTING_Site_Url="https://uat.zzzz.com/chat"
declare -x OVERWRITE_SETTING_Website="uat.zzz.com"

I’m expecting the site URL to be: https://uat.zzzz.com/chat not https://staging.zzzz.com/chat

I also tried with OVERWRITE_SETTING_SITE_URL but it is the same.
This used to work in previous versions.

Any ideas?