Shortcuts for text entry

Hello everyone!

Our company had recently migrated from Slack to Rocketchat, and there is one feature that is missing, yet I can’t understand why. Whenever I need to embed a link in to my message I have to manually add brackets and place the link beside the text. Why didn’t anyone implement an option to select text, press a key combo, and input a link? CTRL+K or CTRL+U are among basic text editing/stylizing features common to most messengers, email clients, etc. How come it’s not available on Rocketchat? Maybe there is a pulg-in (sorry, app) of some kind, that I need to install?

I do not see an app or anything in that can accomplish this. It is something you can do (as you already know) and in their style guide. They even have it on the forums here but not in the product. It does seem strange.

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