Will it be possible to toggle link preview with rocket.chat apps?



I tried to manipulate the link preview with the attachment features of rocket.chat apps (see: here). Unfortunately the link previews are not attachments. So I still search for a solution for following problem: How to disable the embed feature just for links from a certain host? Will it be possible to toggle link preview for certain messages?

Thanks for the answers in advance!


Hi bekay,

there’s an open PR for the server component which gives a user the ability to toggle the link preview. Apps and Bots just need to integrate that new message property as soon as the PR is merged :slight_smile:



There’s a property on messages parseUrls which tells the server to not parse any of the urls in the message’s text. Sadly, it was over looked and forgot about when the definitions were created (see here). Feel free to submit a pull request to add that property to the definitions. It’s not recommended or supported, but you could force that property on the message via unsupported means…