Rocketchat loading error using iframe in ios webview

Rocketchat using iframe loads normally in android webview, but does not load in ios wkwebview.
An error occurs in two places, and the exact cause is unknown.
Could you possibly know the solution?
**(*Even if you load the rocketchat channel directly into wkwebview, the same error occurs and it does not work.)

iOS : 17.2
Xcode : 15.2
MacOs : Sonoma 14.3
Rocketchat : 6.3.10

#Error Message
*TypeError: Cannot call a class constructor without new

*There is no route for the path:“/channel/channelName/?layout=embedded”

#iframe html code

  <iframe id="cframe" name="cframe" src="" title="" width="100%"   allow="camera;microphone"
                    sandbox="allow-modals allow-scripts allow-popups allow-forms allow-same-origin"    style="overflow-x:hidden; overflow:auto; width:100%; min-height:400px;"  ></iframe>

#Error Screenshots