Is it possible to load the rocketchat site into iOS wkWebView?


I need help.
Can anyone try loading the URL of the server where rocketchat is installed into wkWebView on iOS?
It loads normally in Android webview, but does not load in iOS wkWebView.
If you look at the console log, an error occurs on two lines.

As a test, when you load the site into iOS wkWebView, the same error occurs in console.log and does not load, so it appears that rocketchat cannot be loaded into iOS wkWebView.

There is Rocket.Chat.ReactNative for the mobile app provided by rocketchat, but in our existing app created as a web app (hybrid app),
In order to integrate the interface with other functions provided, the site where rocketchat is installed must be loaded directly in the webview using an iframe.
Can anyone please help?

Server Setup Information

Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 6.3.10, 6.2.8~12
Operating System: CentOS 7.9
Deployment Method: manual via tar
Number of Running Instances: 1
DB Replicaset Oplog: ReplicaSet OpLog Enabled
NodeJS Version: 14.21.3 - x64
MongoDB Version: 5.0.22
Proxy: nginx
Firewalls involved: no firewalls

iOS : 17.2
Xcode : 15.2
MacOs : Sonoma 14.3

Any additional Information