Error in View Log

Error in View Logs
I20240625-21:50:22.524(11) server.js:204 StreamBroadcast ➔ Stream.error Stream broadcast from ‘undefined:3000’ to ‘’ with name local not authorized


I’m afraid that 3.18.7 is EOL and out of support since Feb 2022

Please upgrade.

Note your issue is likely due to using IP addresses and host/domain names. They need to resolve correctly.

Thx i will sort out

(i have already posted issue that my RC version is not being updated and i got no help)

Sorry but I missed that.

What platform are you using?

Ubuntu 22

So are you using a proxy? Caddy?

Is this server online or offline?

Sounds like you have some sort of networking/firewalling issue?

1.No proxy server
2.Offline server
3.Using firewall

Not sure how you can be offline while using a firewall?

If it is actually offline, how can your server connect to get snaps?

And you really should have a proxy in front and not use http://host.domain:3000 - even if you use it just locally with self signed certificates.

You might need to try and explain your whole setup a little more accurately as it doesn’t appear to make much sense right now.

thanks for your reply
i am using rocketchat snap installation behind fire wall used locally and accessed via static ip also using port forwarding setting e.g .


That is likely where your problems lie.

You can’t update your rocket if your server is not able to communicate with the world and it sounds like you have isolated it.

First, make sure your Ubuntu server can properly access the internet.

Do not try and upgrade form 3.x to 6.x - use tracks and upgrade a bit at a time, use lots of backups, and test between upgrades.

You should also use a reverse proxy rather than a port forward - it is FAR more secure. Do not expose 3000 to the outside world.

Please read the docs on how to do this. If nothing else run a nginx proxy server on the ubuntu server.

Thanks i will try --------------------