Snap update to 66.1 broke server


Since the 66.1 snap update (~2 hours ago), our server is broken. I’ve tried reverting to the previous snap, but that doesn’t seem to work either. If I pull up the server in a web browser, I get a 502 error, and when I check the status through ssh it looks as if it’s running properly on v 65.1. If I run the upgrade to v66.1, I get errors saying control is locked when I check the status of the rocketchat-server snap. Is there anything that I can check, or what are the steps to take to get this resolved and working?


I have the same error, control is locked and in the web page appears 502 Bad Gateway, nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)

Can you help me.

The error appear ~3hrs ago

I´ll waiting for your comments


Same problem here. Yesterday no problems, today 502 bad gateway. Revert snap did not help.


Used the fix outlined here: Snap migration failed for 0.66.1

This got our server back up and running.

#5 @osmg yes please see: Snap migration failed for 0.66.1