react native notifications

Hello everyone, I’m working on whitelabeling rocket chat react native project by following rocket chat official documentation. Everything else is going good so far except notifications.

               I'm unable to make notifications work. Followed all the steps multiple times from scratch provided in RC documentation but still, no luck.

Things I have tried:

  • Setup firebase project for rocket chat
  • Generated IOS certificates and provided on RC admin panel > setting > push (also to firebase)
  • Provided GCM on RC admin panel

Server Setup Information

System Req:
CPU 2 core
Mem: 4GB
storage: 70GB

Hi @saqibarshad1k

→ Have you checked SSL certs are valid? Use for it.
→ Have you checked the Keys? Are they written correctly?
→ What’s the result from logs when sending a notification (Admin > Workspace > Logs)
→ Can you receive notifications from Firebase?

→ The most important: Have you restarted the workspace after this?