It is possible to add a rocket chat apps to a server via API?

I looked up through Rocket chat documentations, trying to find any thing, but didn’t find quite nothing.

It is possible, or is not even a feature and the only way to add an app is through de Admin panel?


Please, refer to this doc:

Note that you will need to enable ADMIN > GENERAL > Apps > Enable development mode

Hope it helps.

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I looked up in that doc but couldn’t find anything that helped me, but thanks for the help :slight_smile: .
I dont know if i was clear in the first post.

I’m trying to add an app from rocket chat marketplace(Marketplace) via api.
But there is no endpoint to make it.

You can’t add an app from the Rocket.Chat Marketplace via the API. The reason for this is because of the requirement for accepting the terms of service and items such as that.


Oh, ok. Thanks for the help.

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