iOS 2.2.0 released


Dear Rocket.Chat community,

We’re glad to announce the new version of the native iOS app, 2.2.0:

- SHARE EXTENSION!!! Now you can share URLs, texts, images and videos to Rocket.Chat from other applications;
- NOTIFICATIONS IN-THE-APP; While in a conversation, receive updates from other conversations;
- Added support to Universal Links (;
- Now you can see only the mentions in a channel;
- Now the app is using a custom User-Agent on every request;
- Implement optimistic UI on reacting to a message;
- Listen to updated avatar images; Use caching over the HTTP protocol;
- Migrate React call from WebSocket to REST;
- Migrate Emojis call from WebSocket to REST;
- Migrate Settings call from WebSocket to REST;
- Support "Message_GroupingPeriod" setting;
- Support "Message_AllowPinning" setting;
- Support "Message_MaxAllowedSize" setting;
- Support placeholder settings on auth fields;
- Fixed a bug on updating user's profile;
- Fixed a bug on subdirectory support;
- Fixed a bug with invalid sessions;
- Fixed a bug on not opening the correctly room on notification tap;
- Fixed a very crash with our markdown parser;

You can see more information about the release here.

Also, you can download the app here.