Received faxes uploaded to RC

Hello, to my chagrin our office will never move away from faxes - we’re medical related. Faxes received after hours or on weekends need to be accessible to staff.

I have a general question on how our office can receive a fax, save it as a pdf, then upload it into RC. The receiving and PDF’ing is fine and already done. I’ve looked about in the forums but have not found any leads for the last part. All transfer of PDF (faxes) would need to be secure.

A couple different paths could be taken

  • RC (or a tool) watches the receive folder and then uploads the file to the proper channel
  • RC receives the fax directly and adds it to the proper channel
  • the fax is received as an email PDF to a mailbox, from there it is transferred to RC

Anyone have an idea? Or hopefully, is a solution already out there that I don;t know about?


I know with Nextcloud you can setup a ‘watch’ folder. Things that wind up there get processed based on script/logic.

There’s also the Twilio SMS tie-in to RocketChat. I’m not sure what SMS would do if it received a fax (if it even can?). I understand you can’t directly fax to SMS, I’m wondering about a service that would take the fax and forward it as an image via SMS.

I just checked out Twilio. It seems they have a new service

Unfortunately it is currently geared to developers. Has anyone tied the Twilio and RocketChat together?

I assume your staff cannot log into a VPN in your office and access a shared network folder.

Is your RC server running in the office on the same network as your fax server? If so, you could set up an LDAP server and WebDAV as a read-only SSL server. Then just copy the links to RC channels, perhaps using webhooks.