Fake Twilio incoming message + real Twilio outgoing

Hello all.
I spent the whole evening trying to figure out how to setup livechat stuff.
I need a case when incoming SMS messages would be triggerd from physical SIM gateways z with webhook, while response should go over twilio SMS gateway. Is such scenario possible ?
Can anyone provide a curl sample triggering incoming message over …/api/v1/livechat/sms-incoming/twilio ? Thanx in advance for valuable responses :slight_smile:

Hmmm - your query is not simple is it?

Can you explain it a little more clearly?


Where does that come from?

Thank you for your answer.
The case is following:

  • We have SIM gateway that can receive SMS and post it over http. From this device we want to post incoming messages to RocketChat, but we dont want to use this GW to reply these messages, as twilio has better rates :slight_smile: So the livechat flow should be like:
    IN: SMS GW → RocketChat
    Out: RocketChat → twilio
    The link: /api/v1/livechat/sms-incoming/twilio comes from where twilio hits their posting to RC.
    Not sure if this scenario is possible, as i guess Twilio sending messages provides some additional ID’s in header and probably RC checks back if this message really comes from Twilio.
    What else i can see in SMS integrations is Mobex, but could not find anywhere documentation how to set this up. If i configure Mobex (just with generic data) i can see that livechat responses are trying to hit provided Mobex address, but how Mobex has to post incoming messages to RC ?
    Let me know if my answer is clear.