Realtime API Multiple connections


I’m trying to integrate rocket chat in my website.
1- I have a top icon with unread message indicator and in order to update it with the number of unread messages I’m connection using rocket chat realtime api.
2- I also have a page on my website that open an iframe with rocket chat.

The problem is: when I open the website in multiple browsers, one of the realtime api connections broke, by kicking me out and the indicator becomes useless.

Also tried the rocketchat-ddp-listener example, and its also kicked out, and if I try to reuse the same access token, then it gives me “too-many-requests”. I have disabled the all the rate limiting options in the platform, I don’t understand why rocket still do this…

Can I have multiple realtime api connections in different browsers for the same user ? I really need that, an appreciate your help.

King regards,
Filipe Ferreira

Server Setup Information

  • Rocket chat 3.0.0
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • DB Replicaset Oplog: YES