Real time api problem

hi, i am trying to connect to the api, the connection is successful, i get the message {"server_id":"0"},
and {"msg":"connected","session":"xxxxxxxxxxx"},
and I start receiving ping messages, but when i subscribe to changes i never get a message, only get the ping message (obviously return the pong), although there are changes.
For the subscription I send the following
“msg”: “sub”,
“id”: “01”,
“name”: “stream-notify-logged”,
“params”: [“user-status”, true]
and I get the following message {"msg":"nosub","id":"01"} but when a change occurs for example in the connection status of a user I do not receive anything in the stream only ping message.

I’m making an error when subscribing, or some configuration needs to be done in the rocketchat sv?
the rocketchat version is 3.3.0