Send Message Realtime API

Hi Team RocketChat!

I am using rocket chat realtime Apis for one-to-one and group chat implementation in my native Android app.

The issue I am facing is that while using “method”: “sendMessage”, I send the proper parameters of my message but what I receive is just {“msg”: “result”, “id”: “the_id”}. While in other messages, they include the object of result having all the relevant data. So I need a full message model returned while hitting sendMessage. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong or should I use something else.

The steps I am following :

  • “msg”: “connect”

  • “method”: “login”

  • “name”: “stream-notify-user”

  • “method”: “sendMessage”


This might be a bug, or at least an improvement.

Can you provide some peace of code to reproduce this?