Quick question about latest android release


Hi guys, really just a question to see if anyone might know what would cause this. I have a coworker that has Rocket Chat on their android, its a Samsung Note 9. He isn’t able to see chat in any of the created “rooms.” he can see things if someone sends him a message directly but if its in a room, he gets the notification about it and it will never load. I do not have the issue on my samsung 7 galaxy. When I spoke to him last night he was going to try and uninstall and reinstall but I told him I would come up here and see if anyone knew what might cause that or if it was a known issue.

*updated info: I spoke with the coworker again. He is actually using a Samsung note 9 not an 8.
He attempted clearing the data and cache for the app with no change, and then he uninstalled/reinstalled the application this morning and now he cant access any messages. Hes logged in and gets a notice, but he cant see anything its just loading constantly. He said the newest version on the play store said it was supposed to correct this, but it actually started for him with the newest version he got this morning.

Also had another co-worker came in who was getting a constant error everytime he attempted to login, clearing the data seemed to correct this for him this morning.

Server Setup Information

Im sorry but I do not have any of this information. We are using the android 3.3.2, build 2066.

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server:
  • Operating System: android

hi guys, sorry to come back about this, but now I have another tech with an S7 that the app will not work on while it works on my S7.

uninstalling/Reinstalling doesn’t seem to help. If the tech gets a notification about a message on their phone and they hit reply it will let them reply, but they may not see the response. If they do not hit Reply and click on the message it all disappears and will not reload.

Also Several conversation threads will load and several will not even on the working version on my S7.

I downloaded the beta to see if it will work for the techs.

thank you.