Questions to Jitsi Conference Calls Provider

When is a video call ended ? When all participants hang up ? Does the status of the video call change ?
For us it looks like this after a video call:
All participants hang up. However, the video call is still actively visible afterwards. How can this be ended correctly ?
It would be expected that the video call is terminated and the status changes.
Is this a bug or something I can change in the settings ?


This might be a limitation of the integration itself.

This is the App that provides Jitsi as a Video Conf in Rocket.Chat:

as of 5.X, all video conference are provided by Apps, and will depend on how it can be integrated in order to fully integrate it.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you introduce another button in Rocket.Chat, by which the call is closed ? And accordingly for all participants then also displayed ?

Currently, open calls are closed after 24 hours.

As an end user, this is irritating. You don’t know spontaneously whether a call is still in progress or has already ended. For colleagues who are running a bit late, it’s a lottery game.

I am not sure how that would work, as the integration is “loosely coupled” meaning that Rocket.Chat will basically create an URL, with the defined settings, and forward the user to that URL.

We have just been accepted on GSOC 2023, and there is a project that will research a better integration between those two options:

You can help us there, joining Rocket.Chat and advocating for this feature or trying to understand how it could be accomplished.

Hope that this helps :slight_smile: