Question Regarding "Recommended" User Limit


On’s Pricing page, the “Community” plan under the Self-Managed category, states that no more than 100 users would be recommended.

What, specifically, does this mean? Or in other words, why would no more than 100 users be advisable?

Thank you in advance!

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I will ask internally the reasoning of that number.

I know for a fact that there is no software limits about how many users you can run with Community version.

However, 100+ concurrent users is when you usually need to think about performance, adding instances and replica sets. But you can still do it with the community version. We do have community workplaces with thousands of users.

Hope I have helped :slight_smile:

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Hi, that’s just a recommended number of users.

Above that number, we recommend counting on support, as it may need some scaling and close monitoring for performance.

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Thank you for the assistance! :grin: