Community Edition - User Limit


I’m planning to install a Rocket.Chat Server with Community Edition and I’m wondering what will happen when this Server becomes more than the User-Limit of 1000 Users?

Hi @raphael1,

as stated here the community edition has only 1000 users recommended. We run community edition instances with > 1000 users and our experience is

  1. You’ll probably need multipe instances (>10) and a load balancing proxy to manage them (look into HA Proxy). Hardwarespecs (multiple CPU Cores and >=16GB of RAM)

  2. Server load might definitely become an issue when all users are in one channel which is free for all users to write (probably due to notifications for messaging).
    Read only channels containing all users with selected users who are able to broadcast messages is ok though.

I hope this clears it up a little bit.

Hi @mpDBL

Thanks for your great answer, i will notice those points for my RC installation.