Push notifications gateway and counters


We have a local server configuration used mostly in site. Local users uses desktop clients most of the time but we are testing mobile access to our local server through vpn in these days. We have configured push messages on our server using cloud service gateway. I have some points that confuses me in this configuration so, I want to ask these by a scenario.

  • We have a webhook that allows sending messages to a channel (#ouralerts).
  • Let’s say, we have 14 members in this channel. 3 online (desktop app), 5 idle (desktop app), 6 offline.
  • Only 7 of them (1 online, 4 idle, 2 offline) have mobile app installed (and login to our local server once) on their phones but they are not connected to our server now, because not connected through vpn.

In that scenario, when an alert triggers and drops in to that channel;

  1. How many mobile clients get that message by push message?
  2. And how many free credits used we have in the cloud service?
  3. How can gateway builds the connection between local user (id) and the phone the push message sent?

Thank you in advance.