Push Notification for Multiple apps


We already have notification service setup which contains list of all the devices a user is using with its tokens. Our system provides support for multiple apps, some of which can be 3rd party apps as well.

So, we cannot use Push Notification integration provided by rocket chat and want to send notification to our server which will handle it and send it to all the devices.

One option could be by using webhook integration, but it will send all the messages to our server. We only want to send notification when user hasn’t read the messages.

Please help if you know a workaround to achieve this without modifying the rocket chat internal code

Server Setup Information

We can use any rocket chat instance and can deploy latest one if required.

Any additional Information

You’ll have to build your own version of Rocket and your own apps.

Please read the documentation.

We have developed a push gateway that allows chaining of gateways: https://git.fairkom.net/chat/RocketChatMobilePushGateway

Please contact sales@fairkom.eu if you need support or hosting.