Problem with calls in Jitsi via Android devices (and only Android devices)

Good afternoon!
When my users of RC are trying to make call or connect into an existing call in Jitsi module of RC APP on Android devices, an error always appears, no matter what Android version is on user’s device (10, 11 etc).

On Android device (version 10) I encountered the following variant:
“Error loading page
Domain: undefined
Error code: 3
Description: SSL error: The certificate authority is not trusted”.
After this error appears, the only thing left to do is to reset the application, as there is no way to go back.

On one Android device (version 14) the error looked like this:
“Connection error
Your device may be offline or our servers may be experiencing problems”.

On another Android device (version 13), it takes a long time to attempt to connect (the ring spins) and then a timeout error comes out:
“You are disconnected. You should check your internet connection. Try to reconnect in 20 seconds”

At the same time, calls work correctly both in the local network and over the Internet via:

  • Windows (RC Desktop Application)
  • iOS (RC Application)
  • Browsers (on all devices, including Android).

In other words, the problem is only with the RC app on all Android devices. Updating the app does not help.

The problem occurred immediately after migrating RC to a new server (with AVX support) and then upgrading from version 5 to 6.

I have checked certificates on Jitsi and RC in Windows Browser - they are actual, everything is ok…

Do you have any idea what to do?

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 6.4.4
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
  • Deployment Method: snap
  • Number of Running Instances: 1
  • DB Replicaset Oplog: on
  • NodeJS Version: v14.21.2
  • MongoDB Version: 5.0.15 / wiredTiger (oplog on)
  • Proxy: caddy in snap
  • Firewalls involved: checkpoint

P.S. I have installed a Jitsi Meet application (if it presents, the call goes in it instead of RC) on one Android version 10 device, but it tryes to connect to meeting about 5 seconds and then an error appears: “Something went wrong, another try in 20 seconds”.