Presence status of mobile users

At first I must admit, that I LOVE Rocket Chat. There is only one thing, which make me sad - the presence status when user isn’t connected thru web or PC client. When user has app (Android/iOS) on his device in background, there is no ANY notofication for other users or for admin, that he is capable to receive messages, because his status is offline, what is not true (he is capable to receive messages). Could it not be solved so that if a person has an app running on a mobile in the background, then instead of a dot symbolizing the status, there will be a symbol for a mobile? This would give a clear signal to others that the message will arrive, but due to the lack of status (no availability status, only the mobile icon), it is not known when the recipient will reply to the message.

The problem now days is that it’s not actually able to run in the background. With later versions of iOS and Android they are more and more aggressive to background processes. iOS I think giving 10 minutes or something like that.

I understand, so maybe do this like ie. Facebook does? I mean mobile icon when user has mobile app installed but is not currently online?

Ah… yeah that’s an interesting idea. It’d likely have to be user choice. Worth maybe proposing as a feature request:

This is another example where a websocket could be used to update the mobile app status on the server from “active” to “away” when the client goes into background.

If you are using Android, try changing battery management to manual (with all 3 options on) under Rocket.Chat in application settings (or battery settings > apps). It should prevent the OS from automatically shutting down Rocket.Chat working in background, as it seems to work for us.