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Percona Server MongoDB


I’m considering a percona-server-mongodb GitHub - percona/percona-server-mongodb: Percona Server for MongoDB migration from the legacy mongodb. Is there anyone here using percona currently and any advice on issues to look out for? The legacy mongodb (community edition) is working well except that I would like the ability to perform encryption at rest without having to move over to the mongodb enterprise version with mongo atlas.

Any advice on this would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi bmwas :wave:

Unfortunately I don’t have much knowledge on percona.

But I have a suspicion for who might. I’ll ask him.

@debdut.chakraborty Thank you. Would appreciate any opinions about it good and bad :smile:

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@debdut.chakraborty Did you manage to ask your source on this? All I’m trying to figure out is if percona server will be a dropin replacement of legacy mongodb and if anyone has faced any issues on this replacement - esp in a production environment would appreciate to hear them. Thank you!

Hi. Please don’t @ people - it is unnecessary.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, but this is community support, not paid support!!

My suggestion would be to try it!

I have no idea if we will ever officially support it. Might be one for the future.

I would suggest you use an equivalent of a currently supported Mongo version, so currently 4.2

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I can confirm that we’ve migrated our system from MongoDB’s community edition to Percona MongoDB server and it works pretty well…almost a drop in replacement. We are now able to leverage additional mongodb capabilities not available with the community edition without migrating to mongodb atlas (i.e. mongo’s enterprise version) …If anyone’s looking into going this route it’s totally possible.

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