Offline install of apps (poll.rc-app) not working anymore?

In previous version i could install rocketchat apps in “offline mode” by downloading the zip file and enabling apps + developer mode and uploading the respective zip.

this seems to not work anymore these days (3.10.5)? after uploading the zip file ( it says "Invalid App Package. Could not find the classFile (PollApp.js) file. Did anything change? on an older Install, where this app has been installed last year, the app still works fine.

does anybody happen to know a workaround?

the same happens with the market place, it seems like no apps can be installed at all on custom installations? is nobody facing this? :thinking:

previously installed apps work fine, just cant install new apps:
→ “Invalid App Package. Could not find the classFile (PollApp.js) file”

A recent change was made to the Rocket.Chat Apps Engine which requires the usage of the Apps Compiler. Rocket.Chat itself used to accept the source code and then at runtime compile the App and then run it. This compile at runtime was extracted out of Rocket.Chat and into it’s own package. Now Rocket.Chat expects a fully compiled app package, which is why it is complaining about .js instead of .ts. To upload it, you will need to run the app through the compiler.

Marketplace apps should work as our marketplace has them compiled and newer versions of Rocket.Chat are requesting the compiled version instead of the source code version.

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Is there a URL that Compiled apps can be downloaded for offline usage?

Not publically by Rocket.Chat as I believe the Marketplace requires a Cloud Account now. You would have to contact the respective App Developers to see if they can include that on the releases page of their source code.

Thanks for the update, I somehow managed to not notice it. Will try to compile the poll app and see if i get it working this way.

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still not working. dont know why.

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It looks that the poll. rc-app’s offline installation is no longer operating as intended. The app’s most recent upgrades or modifications might be to blame for this problem. To remedy this issue, it is advised to get in touch with the app creator or look for any accessible troubleshooting guides or upgrades. :sunglasses:

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It is good offline but, works better online though,