O.sort is not a function

I am trying to deploy the most basic hello world app in order to test the deployment process before I try and deploy my own app.

using https://rocket.chat/docs/developer-guides/developing-apps/getting-started/ and deploying to the docker container listed on that page

however after deploying the app via rc-apps deploy successfully, after clicking on the app name in Administration > Apps > Installed rocket chat show on the web page o.sort is not a function and a red warning triangle

Could somebody point me in the direction of how to resolve this or if it is a bug ?

Hi @desol

Which version of Rocket.Chat and Apps-Engine are you using?

Version 0.74.3
Apps Engine Version 1.4.0
@rocket.chat/apps-cli/1.4.0 win32-x64 node-v10.12.0

Trying to deploy a fresh rc-apps create app via rc-apps deploy causes the problem.

The example out-of-office app from graywolf336, deploys without problems.

However changing any of the fields on the example app.json except id deploys OK

However changing the app.json id field to a fresh uuid (with and without a different name) causes the issue to arise, even when re-deploying on a fresh docker container (also with rocketdb removed)

Can you try with 1.0.x in your dev environment? Its possible we fixed something.

Yes it works now thankyou @aaron.ogle !

I am getting a popup saying

failed [400] {"code":271,"error":"no app found by the provided id","requestId":"57546c68-bb78-4ed8-b280-24b40b29f8b7","status":400}

now but It works so that’s all good. I guess this could be because it is not in the marketplace yet ?

do you know when 1.0 is coming to snaps also? or do I need to manually update ?